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Produced  has collaborated with Gesso on a podcast series aimed at expanding the conversation beyond the festival. Each episode features interviews with Bronx residents about locations in the borough of personal significance. Recorded on-site, these interviews open into broader conversations about spatial and social justice in the Bronx. In addition to sharing unique perspectives of the city’s urban and ecological landscape, each episode presents an actionable plan toward enhanced stewardship and community control of the borough.

The first three episodes are available now. To listen, download the free Gesso app


IdeasCity Podcast is produced by Gabe Gordon of IdeasCity with Michael Reynolds and Henna Wang of Gesso

Featuring  interviews with Jeffrey Corniel, Alexis Del Rio-Cumba, Kinney Glass, Dominique Glover, Nelson Gonzales, Ronald Mallett, Marie Lorenz, Tamara Olyola-Santiago, and Shellyne Rodriguez.

Music by students of BeatYard, a music production class at DreamYard Project’s Art Center, located in the Bronx

Special thanks to Bronx Audio Post, Glenn Cantave, Brienne Colston, Marquita Flowers, and Rachel Kara Pérez

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